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Why Oasis

At Oasis Senior AdvisorsĀ®, we offer free, personalized referrals for senior housing and other resources to older adults and their families.

Combining a compassionate, individualized approach and locally based knowledge, Oasis Senior Advisors assist older adults and their families with navigating difficult senior living decisions. Our trusted advisors are committed to working hand in hand to find the right senior living options that meet your unique needs or those of your loved ones.

In addition to assistance with housing, Oasis Senior AdvisorsĀ® collaborates with a network of trusted providers to deliver a variety of senior living resources. Our services are FREE to seniors, their families, and to hospitals or medical facilities with senior patients in transition.

Oasis Senior Advisors
Oasis Senior Advisors

Our Guiding Principles

At Oasis, our core principles guide the way we operate and interact with others every day:

  • Promote the dignity and confidentiality of our clients by always acting ethically and lawfully.
  • Act honestly and impartially to provide truly unbiased senior housing options.
  • Use our extensive knowledge, skills, and resources to enhance the lives of seniors and their families.
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Senior Housing Solutions
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Senior Housing Solutions

Whether you are looking for an independent living situation for yourself or you need full-time care for an elderly loved one, rely on the Oasis team to help you find the best solutions to meet their unique needs. Our compassionate Five-Step Approach will help you navigate the challenging process of selecting the right senior living and resources for you or your family member.

Our services are completely free of charge to seniors and their loved ones. We operate locally, have extensive knowledge of the various senior housing options available in our area, and will help you evaluate the pros and cons of each:

The Oasis Five-Step Approach

We simplify the process of identifying the right place for you or your loved one:


Conduct a No-Obligation Consultation

A FREE, no-obligation consultation, so youā€™ll know what to expect and how we will help you.


Understand your needs and preferences

An in-depth discussion to identify lifestyle preferences, care needs, desired location and financial considerations.


Determine funding options

Help you assess funding options, such as Veterans Aid and Attendance, Long Term Care benefits, reverse mortgages and other options to address your needs.


Provide personalized list of options and resources

Using our proprietary OasisIQ software with our detailed knowledge of local senior living communities and partners, we provide a personalized list of appropriate living options and resources.


Schedule community tours and provide support

We will set up and join you on tours of your selected communities. Our goal is to ensure you receive the information you need to establish a plan for yourself or your loved one.

Hear From Families We've Helped

We would love to hear how Oasis has helped you and your loved ones.

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Interested in owning an Oasis Senior AdvisorsĀ® business?

As the senior population grows each year, so does the need for personalized, compassionate and ethical services. If you have a passion for helping seniors in your local area, we invite you to join our Oasis family. With a low start-up cost, minimal overhead, and no office requirements, Oasis Senior AdvisorsĀ® offers an excellent return on investment and a mission each franchisee can stand behind.