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Shining the Spotlight on Those Who Care for Those in Need

National Family Caregivers Month was created to recognize and honor the contributions of family caregivers from children to seniors. The theme for 2022 is Caregiving Around the Clock – something family caregivers definitely relate to! This year, family caregivers also have something to celebrate – a national strategy was recently announced to support them. According to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, “Supporting family caregivers is an urgent public health issue, exacerbated by the long-term effects ...

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Working Together to Benefit Seniors

One of the most valuable benefits of developing and nurturing trusted, mutually beneficial relationships between healthcare providers, senior living advisors, and supporting solution providers is those receiving care – and their families - have peace of mind with their solutions. Each member of the support team provides their highest level of service because they’re able to focus on what they do best and collaborate with other support providers. This results in delivering the right care solution ...

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3 Reasons Dental Care Is Important For Seniors

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 96% of people over the age of 65 have a cavity. Furthermore, 1 in 5 have untreated tooth decay. So, if you think oral hygiene is a young man’s game, think again! Here are three reasons dental care is important for seniors, as well as what you can do to care for your smile as you age. So, Why Is Dental Care So ...

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Walk a Mile In Their Shoes

It can be challenging to know how to be supportive of someone without knowing what they’re experiencing or feeling. This includes people who have received a dementia diagnosis - and those who love them.  Have you ever heard the expression: “Walk a mile in my shoes”? It is used to increase the understanding of what someone is going through, so compassion and empathy can be developed for them - without judgment of them.  It Can be ...

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Understanding Dementia With Virtual Reality

As a healthcare provider for seniors, diagnoses such as dementia are not uncommon. Doctors, social workers, and nurses train to assist seniors and their families in preparing for the often complicated process. It can become difficult to advise clients and families on what to expect when we have not gone through the changes that come with dementia. The expression “Walk a mile in my shoes” is something healthcare providers consider when providing a diagnosis to ...

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