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Oasis Senior Advisors Owner Lynn Paxson Offers Insights on Senior Living as a Guest on the “Off The Clock” Podcast

July 25, 2023

The “Off The Clock” podcast is hosted by Procino-Wells & Woodland Law Firm, with locations in Seaford and Lewes, Delaware. Procino-Wells & Woodland specializes in Estate Planning and Elder Law and has been serving the Delaware area since 2005.

Oasis Senior Advisors Delaware owner Lynn Paxson joined the show to share insights on what the process of finding placement in a senior care facility is like. Lynn explains that she initially got into the industry after experiencing some frustration when finding a placement for her mother-in-law. She then took the cause into her own hands by guiding seniors in the Delaware community to care facilities that best fit their needs. With the abundance of resources provided by Oasis Senior Advisors and Lynn’s strong connections in the community, she helps eliminates the uncertainty and fear related to taking this next step in her clients' life or the life of their loved ones.

The right facility may not be the one nearest to you, the one that is right for your neighbor, or the one that you heard about on the news. Finding the perfect facility for senior care is a process of evaluating your specific needs and touring different locations to ensure you find the most comfort, security, and fun! Lynn Paxson from Oasis Senior Advisors is your free, trusted partner for senior living and resources.

Listen to this episode of the “Off The Clock” podcast to hear Lynn debunk myths about senior care and delve into the way that she finds the right placement for the unique needs and preferences of each senior in our community. Find “Off The Clock” on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you get podcasts!