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Mona McPhersonMona McPherson
Senior Living Advisor

It was the terminal illnesses of my mother who had Alzheimer’s and brother who had COPD that changed the terrain of my life’s purpose. When they passed away, I spent copious amounts of time dissecting the two years that I had devoted to their care. I realized the value in the knowledge that I had gained and wanted to put it to good use in the service of other families facing similar situations. The most important thing that I learned from my personal journey was that caregivers are waiting too late and risking too much before coming to the decision to place their loved one.

There are a variety of reasons why families don’t consider placement but the one I hear the most is that all too important “promise” not to put their loved one in a “home.” I made the same promises not realizing the mental, emotional and physical benefits that placement, within the right facility, can bring to families and those they care for. It took my father injuring his back while trying to dress my invalid mother that proved to be a game changer for our family. Without his ability to care for my mom during the day while I worked, we were facing a placement crisis. I say crisis because I quickly became overwhelmed with how much I didn’t know about facilities and even less about the steps I needed to take to make a smooth transition for my mother and brother. Looking back, I would have collapsed with the same relief that I see in many of the families I now serve; it makes all the difference to have assistance from a company such as Oasis Senior Advisors leading the way through the maze.

My mother and brother passed away before we had to make that last monumental move to a facility. It is not lost on me that there are many families standing in the shoes I once found myself in. They will need to make placement decisions and will feel just as lost and overwhelmed as I once was. I’m honored to have found a position as an Oasis Senior Advisor. We are a nationally known company with a stellar reputation for providing placement services to families in need. My colleagues and I understand that it is sacred ground that we are invited into when we meet families in need of our services. Each are met with the love and compassion needed to assist them through the placement process.

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The Oasis Process

Oasis Senior Advisors is a FREE service that provides experienced, professional help in finding the “right” senior living community.

  • 1 No-Obligation

    A FREE, no-obligation consultation,so you’ll know what to expect and how we’re going to help you.

  • 2 Identifying Your
    Lifestyle Needs

    An in-depth discussion to identify lifestyle preferences, care needs, location and financial considerations.

  • 3 Reduce Your
    Monthly Costs

    Helping you look into available funding options, such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, Long Term Care benefits, reverse mortgages––anything that can help reduce the monthly housing cost.

  • 4 Personalized List Of
    Local Housing Options

    Providing a personalized list of the local housing options that will best meet your specific needs.

  • 5 Touring The

    Setting up tours at each community you select, and then going with you until you’ve found the “right place,” and you feel confident with your choice.