Funding Options

Assisted Living Franchise Opportunities

Get started on your journey to financial independence through our senior living advisor opportunities with a little help from one of two great companies. Oasis Senior Advisors has partnered with FranFund and Benetrends Financial to provide quality funding solutions as you begin your career with us. When you choose to take advantage of one of these resources, you’ll have an in-depth discussion with a franchise funding specialist from the group you’ve selected. This specialist will work with you to develop an accurate picture of your current finances and your funding needs followed by a customized plan utilizing one or more funding vehicles. This funding plan will be designed to help you reach your business goals and succeed in your venture with Oasis.

There are many options available to potential small business owners and franchisees. Some of the most common include SBA loans, home equity lines of credit, conventional loans, and securities-backed financing, among others. FranFund and Benetrends Financial can help you find the funding that’s right for you.

Franchise Funding Options

Not sure which funding option to choose? We’re happy to provide you with more information to help you make a decision. Contact Oasis Senior Advisors at (855) 466-4081 today.

FranFund® Franchise Funding

As a leader in franchise and small business funding solutions, FranFund® seeks to do as much of the homework, legwork, and paperwork as possible so that you can focus on launching your business. FranFund provides resources, tools, and calculators to give you a better sense of your financial needs and the options available to you. In addition to the many traditional funding avenues, FranFund also offers its exclusive FranPlan™ for use with an existing retirement account.

Benetrends Financial

Since 1983, Benetrends Financial has delivered innovative small business and franchise funding solutions to entrepreneurs at every level. It offers long-term support, as well—including retirement planning and wealth management—depending on your needs and preferences. Benetrends Financial assists in finding and securing the best funding options for you, such as SBA loans, business loans specifically for women, or its own Rainmaker Plan® for 401(K) retirement funding.