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Tabitha KrullTabitha Krull

“Caregiving is my lifeblood. It weaves its way through everything I do and have ever done, from being a nanny to working with autistic children to caring for my mother in her last months and beyond. I believe in putting others first, caring for them with integrity, and being a reliable support system. I will always do that, fiercely.”

Tabitha’s professional life began at the young age of 9 with a paper route. Hard work led her to a very happy 25+ years in the service industry. Her passion for Caregiving and advocacy developed from relationships in her life when someone needed assistance. Four pivotal moments that shaped her drive were working as in-home para for an autistic child, caring for her mother throughout her battle with cancer, making an emergent decision to move her grandmother from her home to a senior living facility and stepping in as a caregiver for her 92-year-old neighbor after she had a stroke because she has no family left.

Aaron Krull, Certified Senior AdvisorAaron Krull
Certified Senior Advisor®

“Service has allowed me to be successful in a 25+ year career in hospitality management. Listening to your guests detail their needs is the only way to ensure they are taken care of and happy.”

Aaron has enjoyed an incredible amount of success in his career. He has been promoted dozens of times and provided leadership to thousands of employees. Aaron’s greatest pride is in witnessing hundreds of his mentees grow into their own leadership roles and career paths. These accomplishments are a result of his commitment to creating a family atmosphere with his team, his unwavering dedication to integrity in all decisions and actions, and his devotion to building friendships with his guests.

Our mission is to provide guidance and support in the decisions that allow your loved ones the best possible care and happiness in the next chapter of their lives. Our promise to you is to do that with respect, integrity, and compassion.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us at Oasis Senior Advisors Kansas City, MO.

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Hear From Families We've Helped

When my mom was being released from a nursing facility but wasn’t yet ready to return home, I started to look for a place for her myself, and it was overwhelming. Without Oasis help, it would have been a long, confusing & time-consuming process. With his help it was quick & doable.

- Deborah L.

You are a comforting presence to families during a difficult time. Your knowledge of local facilities and care options is invaluable.

- Holly

As everyone knows, selecting a facility to care for a family member is an emotional journey. Oasis Senior Advisors provided counsel, guidance, and direction, and without their assistance we would not have found this facility.

- Terry B.

I appreciate all of your help and guidance with our investigation. You definitely helped me with these decisions, as you had information that no one else I talked with seemed to have.

- David C.

Oasis Senior Advisors services went the extra step for me and my advisor was compassionate and knowledgeable.

- L. Clayton

Have referred a number of families to Oasis and will continue doing so. Every family is treated with tremendous respect with THEIR needs coming first. Do NOT look for a new living situation alone. There are too many decision points to list. Oasis will guide you through the maze.

- Kris B.

I had the experience of placing my Aunt in a Assisted Living facility and called Oasis...the rest is history. They made a hard decision bearable, love them dearly. They are more than a job they are friends who care. I would recommend Oasis to anyone.

- Ann B.

The Oasis Process

Oasis Senior Advisors is a FREE service that provides experienced, professional help in finding the “right” senior living community.

  • 1 No-Obligation

    A FREE, no-obligation consultation,so you’ll know what to expect and how we’re going to help you.

  • 2 Identifying Your
    Lifestyle Needs

    An in-depth discussion to identify lifestyle preferences, care needs, location and financial considerations.

  • 3 Reduce Your
    Monthly Costs

    Helping you look into available funding options, such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, Long Term Care benefits, reverse mortgages––anything that can help reduce the monthly housing cost.

  • 4 Personalized List Of
    Local Housing Options

    Providing a personalized list of the local housing options that will best meet your specific needs.

  • 5 Touring The

    Setting up tours at each community you select, and then going with you until you’ve found the “right place,” and you feel confident with your choice.