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Senior Holiday Travel

September 29, 2021

Despite looming lockdown restrictions, mask mandates and potentially mandatory vaccinations, travel is soaring as we approach the 2021 holiday season, especially for seniors who are anxious to see their families after nearly two years of living under the restrictions of the pandemic. Many expect travel demand for 2021 to surpass the pre-pandemic 2019 travel numbers, and there is no reason to expect this will taper off during the holidays. With the help of organizations like GOMO Travel, families can rest assured that their loved ones will arrive at their destination safely, comfortably and with dignity.

Given that the vaccination rates are significantly higher among seniors, they are likely feeling more comfortable with the idea of embarking on a trip to see their loved ones.  However, there is another reason that is much more compelling: connectivity to friends and family members. 

With advances in science and medicine, researchers are better able to measure the strength of seniors’ familial relationships and the effect of these relationships on their overall quality of life.  “Seniors who maintain strong ties with their family have even been shown to outlive those who report less favorable relationships.”

It is also common to find seniors seeking to foster and maintain traditional social relationships as well.  Experiences with “old-style friends” such as playing bridge or chatting over the phone seem to directly enhance positive self-awareness, attitude and feeling of acceptance, while reducing mortality. Researchers are of the view that a potential reason for these findings is that, unlike familial and/or spousal relationships, these “old-style friendships” are selected and maintained by the senior.  

Clearly, connectivity for seniors is vitally important. However, many of the challenges associated with travel can create obstacles for older adults who wish to visit family or friends. Transportation barriers, mobility issues, medical equipment needs, and medication management concerns can all deter older adults from planning visits and vacations.

Travel companions are available for individuals who face these challenges. Whether a senior traveler has mobility issues, suffers from anxiety, requires medical assistance or just doesn’t like traveling alone, services like GOMO Travel can help overcome these travel barriers. GOMO Travel provides compassionate, knowledgeable companions who help make travelers feel safe and comfortable and stress-free throughout their journey.

GOMO Travel’s medically-trained professionals are equipped to assist travelers and their families with transportation, baggage handling, wheelchair assistance, security screenings, medication reminders, and even travel planning services. Appropriate travelers must be able to bear weight to transfer with assistance, and must not require ongoing medical care that would prevent them from traveling.

With millions of seniors hoping to visit their loved ones this holiday season, the partnership between GOMO Travel and Oasis Senior Advisors is more important than ever.  With the assistance of travel companionship services, families can rest assured that their loved ones will be in caring and capable hands throughout their travels. 

Happy holiday travels to all seniors!