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December 22, 2022

The Oasis Senior Advisors five-step process was created to simplify finding and selecting the perfect senior housing option for individuals or their loved ones. Partnering with healthcare providers ensures their unique and specific needs are met during an emotional time of uncertainty and overwhelm - especially when there’s an immediate need. Healthcare providers begin the process by sharing foundational information about their patients with their Oasis Senior Advisor partner, which streamlines finding the right solution. 

Step One - Initial, No-Obligation Consultation. 

This free, no-obligation, consultation is customized to the specific needs of each of the healthcare providers’ patients through working directly - and in person whenever possible - with the individual and their loved ones. This supports the healthcare provider focusing on their patient's health during this time when the patient and their loved ones have a variety of questions and concerns. 

As your Oasis Senior Advisor, we ask questions in an easy-to-understand language - not industry jargon - reducing time and stress while taking the important steps to identify the client's needs and how Oasis can help.

Step Two: Identifying Lifestyle Needs.

Each individual's care needs, lifestyle preferences, financial considerations, location, and intangibles are unique. Building on the foundation of the information from the healthcare provider, the Oasis Senior Advisor walks through questions to learn what each client needs - and knows questions and concerns the client may not even know to consider.

The information provided and the in-depth surveys eliminate solutions that don’t fit. This also keeps the client and their loved ones from wasting valuable time going down paths to dead ends and roadblocks while clarifying both the current and future vision of all components of their choice. The result is the solutions to be evaluated are specific to the client’s unique needs.

Identifying location-based requirements and preferences helps the client stay connected with their current community and loved ones while considering important transportation needs and options.

Knowing the details of different solution options simplifies choices and provides peace of mind with decisions. These may include leasing obligations, impacts if a patient needs to leave a facility, pricing structure differences, price increases, future costs, staffing levels, hours of nursing, doctors on staff, third-party services, and requirements for care.

Step 3: Reduce Your Monthly Costs. 

While there are a wide range of assistance programs available, learning what they are, their requirements, how to apply, and which ones provide for the specific needs of each individual are extremely challenging for anyone not experienced working with them. 

Whether it’s Veterans Administration benefits, Medicaid, discovering unknown programs, reverse mortgages, long-term care, navigating current insurance policies, or managing claims, the Oasis Senior Advisors are a valuable resource to help clients know their options and how to use them to make the wisest financial decisions.

The Oasis Senior Advisors team also works with their trusted partners network they’ve developed who have solutions in various supporting areas. Some of these include bridge loans and home buyer networks when there’s an urgent need for funds and the home can’t be sold in a traditional way, elder law attorneys, financial Advisors, medical equipment companies, durable medical equipment providers, movers, and experts in Senior moving including downsizing and specialized moves. 

When the client and their loved ones have confidence in the choices they’re using and their financial impacts, the healthcare provider can sometimes include additional support options that may not have previously been available or financially feasible.

Step Four: Personalized List of Local Housing Options.

The thorough consultation between the Oasis Senior Advisor, the client, and their loved ones, results in a specific and personalized list of local housing options. Options are pre-screened so communities that don’t match the recommendations and requirements of the healthcare provider, the client, and their loved ones, are not considered.

Because the Oasis Senior Advisor has relationships with the communities in their area, they have options for immediate needs and options for future choices. The Advisors are aware of all community availability and waiting list situations. They work with the client and the community to navigate waiting list situations.

Step 5: Touring Communities. 

Based on the choices of the client and their loved ones, your local advisor manages the tours of each facility/community selected. They schedule the tours and provide valuable information ahead of time to each location, so they’re prepared. They facilitate and coordinate transportation for the tours if needed. 

The Oasis Senior Advisor provides the client and their loved ones with a touring tips document that also includes the specific questions and concerns they’ve identified, and the healthcare professional may have provided. They’re a valuable resource during the tours, facilitating questions the client may feel uncomfortable asking or may have forgotten to ask, ensuring the client is completely satisfied their questions and concerns have been answered, while also eliminating any potential misunderstandings. 

Your advisor is a backup set of eyes and ears for what goes on during each tour so they can recap each one with the client, clarify any confusion, and get back to locations toured if new questions or concerns arise or follow up on outstanding items.

Working together, Oasis Senior Advisors and healthcare professionals help each other focus on their primary responsibilities while giving peace of mind to those they support in a time of uncertainty and overwhelm - especially when there’s an immediate need. At an emotional time, the patient/client and their loved ones have someone at their side who understands what they’re going through and is there with them step by step. Choices and decisions are made with confidence and in less time, so more focus can be maintained on the patient's health - now a new resident.

These combine to develop and maintain positive relationships with the Oasis Senior Advisor, the healthcare provider, and their patients.

If you or your patient are looking for assistance with Senior living placements, contact your local Oasis Senior Advisors today at (888)-455-5838.