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Keep Your Body in the Game This Season!

September 27, 2023

October is here, and with it comes the perfect opportunity to engage your senior residents in exciting armchair quarterback workouts. While staying active is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it can also be fun and enjoyable. So, let's put a football spin on exercising and dive into these 5 easy chair exercises that will keep senior residents moving and energized.

  1. The Wide Receiver Reach
    Raise both hands over your head as if you're reaching for the winning touchdown catch! Stretch as far as you can while pretending to secure that game-changing pass. Repeat this exercise five times, focusing on stretching those arms.
  1. Linebacker Straight Arm
    Hold one arm straight out in front of you with your hand up, ready to stop any tackle. Imagine the opponents coming at you and hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times with each hand to strengthen your arms.
  1. Quarterback Twist
    Sit on the edge of your chair, keep your back straight, and twist your upper body to one side. Pretend to throw a perfect spiral pass to an imaginary teammate. Repeat the twist on the other side, mimicking a pass in the opposite direction. This exercise helps promote flexibility and core strength.
  1. Running Back Knee Raises
    Sit comfortably, lean back slightly, engage your core muscles, and lift your right knee towards your chest. Lower it down and repeat with your left knee. Alternate between legs, mimicking the running motion of a swift and agile running back.
  1. Safety Toe Tap
    While seated, lift your right foot off the floor and tap your toes on the ground in a quick and controlled manner. Repeat with your left foot. This exercise helps to improve coordination and ankle mobility, just like a nimble safety on the field.

These 5 armchair quarterback workouts will bring football-themed fun and fitness into the lives of your cherished senior residents this October. We encourage everyone to partake in these exercises, tailored specifically for those who prefer to exercise from the comfort of their chairs. Let's stay active, maintain mobility, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle together!