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LifeStation Device Review

June 7, 2018

LifeStation is a medical alert service serving the entire United States. Based out of New Jersey, LifeStation provides its customers with the freedom to live and travel independently knowing that if they require emergency assistance, help is just a push of a button away. In this review, we will be providing some pros and cons of their systems and service. LifeStation is often regarded as a top service provider in the medical alert service industry. They are members of the TMA five-diamond program certifying a dedication to the highest levels of customer service, commitment to reducing false dispatches, and opening facilities to random inspections. In addition to this certification, they are also UL listed. LifeStation maintains their own in-house monitoring centers. Their monitoring service is broken down into three main service offerings: In-Home, In-Home Cellular, and Mobile with GPS. They also provide additional products such as bathroom and hallway buttons. Pros: Call Centers - One of the biggest pro’s for LifeStation is their dedication to customer service. By maintaining their call centers instead of using a third party, they are better able to monitor customer interactions and ensure their clients receive the highest level of service possible. Installation - With simple to follow written and oral instructions, setup is easy. Regardless of the product selected, most installations take no more than five minutes. Should you run into problems, their toll-free support line can help walk you through the installation process. No Contract - LifeStation charges a simple, straightforward monthly fee. You can cancel at any time with no penalties. This peace of mind is great if you want to test out the system and determine if it works for you. Knowing you aren’t locked into a long-term contract allows you the freedom to put their systems to the test. Cons: Range - Although the scope of their In-Home models is in line with several competitors, it is by no means the most extended range on the market. This limited range makes walks to the mailbox and garage riskier. However, their Mobile with GPS option operates without limits making this con a minor drawback. Smoke/CO integration - LifeStation does not offer integration into additional alert devices such as carbon monoxide or smoke detectors. This integration would help in the event of incapacitation. Although the connection to carbon monoxide and smoke detectors is not an industry standard, several competitors offer this integration as an option.  Overall, LifeStation is a reliable product that we would recommend you consider when evaluating the right home alert system for you. Their helpful, friendly staff, simple installation and straightforward pricing far outweigh any minor negatives. Stay tuned for more reviews as we dive into additional products.