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Helping Seniors Live their Best Life in 2019

As the golden years approach, seniors begin to take a step back, slow down and enjoy the little things in life. The years bring a wiser perspective, and they tend to not 'sweat the small stuff' anymore. With more personal time available, seniors can focus on personal growth, explore ideas or interests they may not have had time for in their younger years. But with idle time, there may be limitations and the need for help in some way. For 2019, let's focus on helping seniors live their best life. We are sharing a few ideas that can help you, your colleagues, families, and seniors facilitate an environment that inspires a happy, contented life.

Below, we explore nine ways to help seniors live their best life:

  • Set Intentions For the Coming Year. Establish goals with seniors. Write them down and review them together. Doing this can help seniors envision living a happy year ahead.
  • Visualization of What They Want. This is a beneficial practice to help seniors imagine living out the best version of their life. Helping them foster that vision can help them participate in making it happen.
  • Meditation or Reflection. Assist seniors in spending some quiet time in gratitude, connection or in prayer with a higher power.
  • Journaling. Help seniors document via journal, audio or digital documentation of their thoughts.
  • Outings. This may be something as simple as getting out on a daily or weekly basis. Even group participation of viewing something such as Planet Earth to take seniors to places they may have never experienced.
  • Encourage Self Love. Many seniors enjoy lots of positive reinforcement to remind them that they are loved. Encourage activities that help them love themselves through soothing music and activities they enjoy.
  • Invest in Health. Make sure seniors are eating nutritious whole foods, drinking clean water, and have a well-rounded diet. Daily outside activities with fresh air and sunlight are vital as well.
  • Education. Help them to stay connected to society by sharing new inventions, ideas, technology and learning that transpired throughout the year.
  • Try Something New! Seniors have so much more available nowadays than just bingo night! Help them explore what's new on the horizon and see what piques their interest. Yoga can help maintain flexibility. Laughter Yoga can help brighten the day. Other unique possibilities include art therapy, music and sound, aromatherapy, the list is endless!

Being a trusted resource for professionals and seniors in time of need is what we do best. When you are in search of additional assistance for a patient or client, please call or refer us!

Senior Observances This Month

undefinedGet Organized Month

Organization is the key to a stress free life, but can be especially helpful when it comes to Senior care. Incorporating some uplifting energy fundamentals like Feng Shui can create a positive living space for Seniors to enjoy. Keep important documents easily accessible and utilize a master schedule to keep life moving smoothly for everyone.

Walk Your Pet Month

Pets provide a variety of benefits for seniors such as love and companionship and are a fantastic way to help Seniors cope with any worries or anxiety.undefinedPets tend to live in the present moment and help seniors do the same, rather than the past or future. One of the noticeable benefits of a pet is exercise. Animals can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity.

International Creativity Month

Seniundefinedors today are living longer and embracing new activities well into their older years. Creative projects such as arts and crafts can keep seniors’ minds busy, prevent boredom and negative feelings. Furthermore, these modalities help facilitate the use of hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration.

Celebrate Life Month

undefinedDifferent from previous generations, older adults today are a more diverse group with much to experience from life in the Senior years. Many are still actively involved in the community with social lives and an appetite for living and learning. It's important that families and caregivers assist in being an extended arm for their needs, and assist them in supporting the areas that may be limiting their ability to fully embrace life.

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Free Personalized Placement Assistance for Seniors

At Oasis, we care about making your decision about living solutions as stress-free as possible. Each of our local, certified advisors has a wealth of knowledge and resources regarding the skilled nursing care centers, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and memory care environments in the area. No matter the circumstances that have prompted your search, from Alzheimer’s disease to dementia to mobility issues, our caring advisors provide you with valuable information relevant to your situation. Following an in-depth discussion in which we learn more about your unique needs, we dedicate ourselves to finding you an ideal new living arrangement.

We understand the importance of finding home health care services that provide highly qualified staff, specialized care, a stimulating environment, and that promote independence. Through our work, we’ve seen firsthand the positive effect high-quality accommodations can have on seniors, enhancing their well-being and quality of life. Oasis is the premium service you need to guide you on this journey—and best of all, our services are completely free.

The Oasis Process

Oasis Senior Advisors is a FREE service that provides experienced, professional help in finding the “right” senior living community.

  • 1 No-Obligation

    A FREE, no-obligation consultation,so you’ll know what to expect and how we’re going to help you.

  • 2 Identifying Your
    Lifestyle Needs

    An in-depth discussion to identify lifestyle preferences, care needs, location and financial considerations.

  • 3 Reduce Your
    Monthly Costs

    Helping you look into available funding options, such as Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, Long Term Care benefits, reverse mortgages––anything that can help reduce the monthly housing cost.

  • 4 Personalized List Of
    Local Housing Options

    Providing a personalized list of the local housing options that will best meet your specific needs.

  • 5 Touring The

    Setting up tours at each community you select, and then going with you until you’ve found the “right place,” and you feel confident with your choice.