Is It Time?

Is It Time?

The decision to speak to the senior in your life about moving to any level of assisted living or memory care is, to say the least, difficult.  Many seniors are in denial about their current living situation.  They might tell you that they’re living quite well independently (thank you very much!) when in fact you (or someone else) are doing most of the things that allow their independence - maybe assisting with the activities of daily living or taking care of the household logistics (shopping, cleaning, laundry, transportation, etc.).

But sometimes even the best in-home care can leave the senior unsafe.  Here are a few ways to help you navigate the question - is it time?

1. Their care needs have become so great that they are no longer safe.

        If a senior has declined to the point of needing constant care and    

        supervision you will probably find that it is very difficult to sustain that level  

        of care over the long haul.  If the in-home care is being provided by a hired

        service the costs can quickly become prohibitive.  A move to assisted living   

        or memory care might provide the needed care and supervision at a lesser 

        cost than in-home care.  A Certified Senior Advisor who specializes in

        senior placements can be an invaluable resource in doing a cost


2.    Are they a wander risk?

       Many people with dementia like to walk around but have no real concept of

       where they’re going or how to get back.  This is dangerous on every level.  If

       you’ve done all you can to secure the home against wandering and the

       senior still manages to get out, it’s time to seriously consider a community

       with a secured memory unit.

3.    The senior can be combative.

       People with dementia can sometimes become combative or behave

       violently or aggressively.  Medications and suggestions for behavior

       modifications might be helpful, but if the senior is in danger of hurting

       themselves or others, you’ll have no choice but to explore other living


4.    The stress level for the caregiver is through the roof.

       Caring for a senior can be the most stressful thing you ever do.  Support

       groups can be a wonderful outlet but in many cases a move to assisted

       living or memory care is needed.  Don’t jeopardize your own health and

       well being and the health and well being of the senior by ignoring chronic

       and severe caregiver stress.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of any assistance with answering that very important question - is it time?


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