January - No Better Time To Get Up And Moving

January - No Better Time To Get Up And Moving

Well, we made it through another holiday season.  The decorations have been packed away for another year and the extra pounds have been added.  Now is the time to plan for a month chalked full of fun activities. 
Here are a few suggestions:

  1.  Take a walk every day.  Yes, every day.  It doesn’t have to be a long walk, just a mile or two in the fresh air will boost your spirits.
  2. Put together a jigsaw puzzle.  Set it up in a warm, well-lit space and have at it!  Make it your goal to complete it by the end of the month.
  3. Take a cooking class - or give a cooking class!  Get out of your comfort zone.  Try something you’ve never tried before - Korean, Indian, German, Japanese - the options are limitless.
  4. Read.  The public libraries are jammed packed with wonderful books.  If you’re not sure which books you’d enjoy, enlist the help of the librarian for suggestions.  While you’re there, pick up a few movies - it’s much less expensive than actually going to the theater and you can watch from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.
  5. Volunteer.  Be a dog walker, a baby rocker, or offer to help feed the homeless.  Again, the options are limitless and you’ll feel better just knowing that you helped someone less fortunate than yourself.
  6. Visit a skilled nursing facility.  Brighten the day of some of the residents by just sitting and talking with them.
  7. Check out your local Senior Center.  Most centers offer a wide variety of activities that are aimed at seniors.  You can reconnect with old friends and make new ones!
  8. Write letters to your grandchildren.  Young kids love to get mail.
  9. Clean out the refrigerator.  Not terribly exciting, but probably long overdue.
  10. Get crafty.  Not sure what to do?  Your local craft store can help and Pinterest has a million and one ideas.
  11. Join an exercise class.  Yoga, Tai chi, or any form of exercise will work.
  12. Plan a vacation.  It doesn’t have to be a world tour, but having something to look forward to can make the winter months fly by.
  13. Organize your recipe file or photo albums.  If you find a recipe that you love but haven’t made for a while, throw a dinner party and make it!  If the idea of a full-blown dinner party is too much, ask your guest to each bring one of their favorite dishes.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun this can be!

Don’t forget to take time each day to be thankful for the blessings in your life.


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