Summer, At Last!

Summer, At Last!

So, summer is officially here!  In view of that, here are a few simple tips and tricks to make your summer more enjoyable.

  1. Clean out an old sunscreen bottle to store your valuables in at the beach.  Not only will your things be safe, but they’ll also be sand-free.
  2. Speaking of sunscreen, try chilling your sunscreen.  Keep it in the cooler so that when you apply (and don’t forget to reapply periodically) you’ll help cool down your body.
  3. Oragel (the dental product sold at drugstores) can take the itch out of mosquito bites.  Be sure to pack some for your next camping trip or hike in the woods.
  4. Here’s one from my son (who spends a lot of time at the beach).  Sprinkle baby powder on your sandy feet and legs before getting in the car for the ride home.  The sand will slough off without leaving any irritation.  This is an essential tip when transporting sandy kids!
  5. Use cupcake liners as popsicle drip trays by poking the popsicle stick through the middle of the liner.  This will help to eliminate sticky fingers and the associated mess.
  6. Add a flotation device (or cork) to your keys so they don’t sink to the bottom of the lake, ocean, or pool if you accidentally drop them.
  7. Wear flip flops or water shoes to prevent foot injuries.
  8. Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair to prevent damage caused by the sun and saltwater.
  9. Freeze water balloons instead of water bottles to keep your food cool.  When they thaw out you can have a fun-filled family water balloon fight.

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