Assisted Living Vs. Staying In The Home Part II

Assisted Living Vs. Staying In The Home Part II

Okay, so last week we looked at some of the cost considerations when comparing assisted living to staying in the home.  Now let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each situation:

In-Home Care:


  • One-on-one care can be tailored to the senior’s needs and preferences
  • No need to move the senior from a much-loved home
  • Costs can be lower depending on the hours of care needed and the caregiver’s skill level
  • In many cases, the senior gets to know one caregiver rather than being cared for by many different people


  • Costs can be prohibitive if 24/7 care is required
  • Groceries, personal care items, and household supplies still need to be purchased.  Also, housekeeping and home maintenance are still required
  • Family involvement is still needed to hire and manage the caregivers.
  • A care backup plan has to be in place for times when the caregivers are ill or are otherwise not available

           Assisted Living:


  • Usually, a more affordable way to get 24/7 care and supervision
  • The level of care can be ramped up or down depending on the needs of the senior
  • The opportunities for socialization are almost endless!
  • The assisted living community is responsible for hiring, scheduling, and in general, managing the caregivers
  • The family can focus on their relationship with the senior rather than on the care needs


  • One-on-one care might not be as personal or consistent due to frequent changes in staff
  • The quality of the care can vary depending on the staff
  • Some seniors aren’t happy in a group living environment
  • If significant one-on-one care is needed hiring (and private paying) a private aide might become necessary
  • Seniors can be asked to leave a community for a variety of reasons with little advanced notice

            These aren’t the only things that should be considered, but it’s a place to start.        

            It’s also important to remember that no two assisted living communities are the

            same.  The levels of care, services and amenities, and cost vary widely so it

            might be in everyone’s best interests to work with a Certified Senior Advisor

             (like me!) to navigate the very complex and confusing arena of assisted living. 

  I would love your thoughts on in-home care versus assisted living communities.


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