Spring Is in The Air!

Spring Is in The Air!

As I look out my window at the three inches of freshly fallen snow, I must remind myself that spring officially begins this week. I, for one, am ready! While it hasn’t been an especially bad winter, it was still an upstate New York winter. The words cold and dark leap to my mind.

So, now that the worse (I hope) is behind us, what lies ahead? Well, the first thing I think about is the buckets of mud that my dog, Murphy, will undoubtedly bring into the house. No problem! That’s what spring cleaning is for. The second thing is how warm the sun is now. Sitting at a traffic light in the car with the sun streaming in almost (but not quite) requires a flip from heat to A/C. Speaking of heat, maybe now my furnace will stop cycling on every fifteen minutes.

But the very best thing about the advent of spring is what’s happening below ground. Every day brings yet another plant up from its winter rest. Some are even poking their heads through the snow in their quest for sunlight and warmth. After being frozen solid for the better part of six months, the plants miraculously know that it’s time to show up and grow up.

So, if you’ve been in hibernation mode since last fall, now is the time to pull on your boots (remember the mud!), put on a sweatshirt, and venture out into the yard or garden. The fresh air and sunshine are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a little wiggle in your walk.


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