Senior Living Communities

Your Trusted Partner for Senior Placement

Oasis Senior Advisors® works with you to understand your community and how you prefer to work with referral partners. We communicate with you pre and post-tours regarding what is important to the family, and what their feedback was.

Our advisors provide compassionate, one-on-one assistance to senior clients. We follow a 5-step process that helps us understand their care needs, lifestyle, financial situation (short and long term) and geographical preference. We use our proprietary OasisIQ software, to quickly and efficiently identify communities that meet key criteria. We narrow those options based on our understanding of clients and your community, to determine if your community might be the right fit to meet their unique individual needs. You receive qualified referrals, and the senior/family receives an introduction to your community via a profile from OasisIQ that is not available publically.

Oasis Senior Advisors Are

  • Knowledgeable – Our Senior Advisors get to know each client, their interests, needs, level of care and budget. In other words, we qualify the leads that come to you.
  • Selective – We only show seniors the properties that are a good match for their needs, meaning the probabilities of placement are high.
  • Dependable – We make a commitment to both our clients and our local senior living communities. We are prompt, efficient, and prepared to meet with you.
  • Accessible – We’re not just a referral database. We partner with both you and our client to ensure everyone has the information they need for a successful placement.
  • Cost-effective – You only pay a referral fee when a client places. We also value your time; we handle communication with the family and set up the tour, you do not have to chase leads. We only bring clients to tour that we feel are qualified and will be a good fit.

Getting started with Oasis Senior Advisors®

  1. to identify the closest Oasis Senior Advisor, and to set up a tour
  2. During the tour, we will collect the information needed to understand your community and build the appropriate profile in OasisIQ. We’ll also discuss how you like to communicate and work with your referral partners
  3. Review and sign our referral agreement
  4. Activate your profile in OasisIQ

We assist with cross-country relocations and placements. Oasis Senior Advisors® is a national network of locally-owned small businesses. With more than 100 locations across the country working in partnership, our advisors work as a team to help place seniors and offer them the resources they need, whether in their area, or in the area of their adult child, or another of their choice. Each Oasis advisor signs an ethics pledge, ensuring that our clients receive unbiased confidential assistance.

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