4 Industry Trends in Assisted Living Care

4 Industry Trends in Assisted Living Care

With an aging baby boomer population, the assisted living industry is answering the increase in demand. Nearly gone are the days of cookie-cutter senior living facilities that provide the same services from Delaware to North Dakota. Today’s assisted living franchise industry is catering to choosy seniors who are looking for the best places offering specific services to spend their golden years. Sifting through the wealth of options can be challenging for seniors and families, but finding the right fit is crucial. Here are some trends in the industry to keep on top of.


The current aging population is much more tech-savvy than their predecessors. As a result, the assisted living franchise industry is expected to continue adopting the latest technologies to make seniors lives easier as well as facilities more appealing. Companies are satisfying the demand for more senior-friendly products like phones with larger displays and smart home technologies that make controlling lights and temperature even easier. These types of technologies are also being integrated into senior living communities. In addition to technology for creature comforts, advancements in healthcare are benefiting assisted living communities as well.


With the increase in demand for assisted living facilities, the plethora of options puts each community in competition. Facilities are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves to the benefit of seniors in search of the right community. More assisted living facilities will focus on providing services that cater to niche groups in hopes of differentiating themselves from competitors. Offering a wide range of activities like yoga, tai chi, exercise classes, game nights, barbecues, book clubs, and organized group outings to theaters, museums, and restaurants can make communities more attractive to active seniors looking for a robust assisted living franchise.


Another trend in assisted care living is the idea of co-housing. This arrangement provides the opportunity for seniors to have their own single home, but still benefit from the support of a community. Co-housing can provide seniors access to communal healthcare providers that service the community. In addition, this housing option spreads the burden of daily duties across a group of individuals while still providing the privacy of a single home. Typically, this arrangement has been most popular in the 30-50 age group, but seniors are quickly catching on to the trend as an alternative option to an assisted living franchise.

Green Living

As in most other industries, the dedication to a more green way of living will continue to be a focus in the assisted living industry. As more communities try to differentiate themselves, promoting their environmentally-friendly measures can set them apart. More eco-conscious Boomers are reaching an age where they’re seeking out assisted living facilities and those that are dedicated to the environment may have a leg up on the competition.

Selecting the right assisted living franchise is an important decision to make. With the variety of options present in today’s world, having an informed guide is key. Services, like those provided by Oasis Senior Advisors, can help you find the perfect senior community.