DIY Lavender Pillow

DIY Lavender Pillow

A Lavender Pillow Project is Perfect for Seniors and Grandkids Alike

Studies and manuscripts found at the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health suggest that regularly engaging in mentally stimulating activities is crucial for overall brain health and cognitive, motor, emotional and sensory functions. These activities can range from memory-based games, language learning and merely converse regularly with other people. Below, we dive into an artistic stimulation activity of creating a lavender pillow. This aromatic creation is a perfect addition to add an extra homey touch, or as an excellent gift for a loved one.

This easy crafting project, compliments of ElderOneStop, is a great way to stay active by yourself, with a group of friends or with grandkids. The process is simple, as are the required supplies to create your lavender pillow.

DIY Lavender Pillow – You Will Need:

  • A piece of durable fabric (cotton print, light terry cloth, and flannel are favorites). Cut it twice the size of your desired finished pillow size.
  • Flaxseed in bulk (This can be purchased at most health food stores) – to fill the size of your lavender pillow.
  • Lavender oil (optional) – This can also be found at many health food stores. A bottle can cost $8 to $12 but goes a long way. NOTE: Make sure you are not allergic.
  • Dried lavender – available by the bag at craft stores or (sometimes) farmer’s markets. Use both the lavender oil and dried lavender for maximum aroma.

To Make the Lavender Pillow:

  • Fold the fabric in half with the inside out.
  • Sew tightly around all sides, leaving one side open, to make a pouch. Or you can use both fabric glue, plus stitching to make it extra tight. (This is the best way).
  • Turn the pouch right side out.

Mix together in a bowl:

  • Flax seeds, dried lavender
  • Sprinkle several drops of lavender oil in various places. Mix everything together well.
  • Pour the bulk flax seed mixture into the pouch, so it is only about three-fourths full. This will allow the pouch to be flexible during use.
  • Sew shut the open end of the pillow or, ideally, use fabric glue plus stitching.

This completed lavender pillow is not only aromatic and comfortable, but it can be either heated or cooled to become therapeutic. Bundle up on a cold night with your pillow by tossing it in the microwave for a few seconds (heating time varies by pillow size). Start with 30 seconds and increase by 15-second intervals testing warmth after each increment. You can also store your pillow in the freezer to offer a refreshing break from a hot day. Whether you use this lavender pillow for pure decoration or to take advantage of its therapeutic properties, we hope you enjoy this fun DIY project!