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  • Five Tips to Help you Downsize into a Senior Living Community

    Five Tips to Help you Downsize into a Senior Living Community

    Moving — a six-letter word that everyone dreads to hear. Thinking back to your first move out of your parents’ house or thinking ahead to what may be your last move into a senior living facility can be nostalgic and emotional. But planning ahead to pack, transport and downsize (when necessary) will help make you’re your move smooth and give you more time to reminisce on old memories.

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  • Seniors benefit from the companionship of pets

    Seniors benefit from the companionship of pets

    Studies have shown the strong connection between an owner and their pet can increase fitness, lower stress and bring general happiness to their owners. Even the CDC proudly proclaims the health benefits of having a pet. When it comes to owning a pet, there are many options.

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  • Technology for the Ages

    Technology for the Ages

    In 1901, the first radio transmission was conducted. Fast forward 27 years and you arrive at the first broadcast on television. A lot has changed since the first forms of technology-assisted communication took shape. What hasn’t changed is the way technology has affected our lives. Far too often, seniors are considered too old for the technology of today. At Oasis, we know that not only can technology be used by anyo

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  • LifeStation Device Review

    LifeStation Device Review

    LifeStation is a medical alert service serving the entire United States. Based out of New Jersey, LifeStation provides its customers with the freedom to live and travel independently knowing that if they require emergency assistance, help is just a push of a button away. In this review, we will be providing some pros and cons of their systems and service.

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  • Stay Fit, Stay Active, and Get Moving at Any Age

    Stay Fit, Stay Active, and Get Moving at Any Age

    Proper exercise can play an essential role in your energy, quality of life and overall health. But as we age, our bodies don’t respond to exercise the way they used to. The muscle fatigue, joint aches and increased likelihood of injury that come with age doesn’t make staying in shape very easy, but it can be done. Staying active later in life has been shown to decrease the likelihood of depression and help to avoid c

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  • Easy Recipes for Any Time of Day

    Easy Recipes for Any Time of Day

    Julia Child once said, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” We couldn’t agree more! Sharing recipes is a pastime that we indulge in regularly. Seniors who once had a passion for cooking but now struggle to do so will rejoice over these simple and delicious recipes. So, it’s time to open up our cookbooks and share some easy recipes that we love!

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  • The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

    The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

    Spending time in the great outdoors has a variety of benefits for anyone but can be especially beneficial for seniors. A recent report posted on Science Direct noted that landscapes have an inherent therapeutic quality. Landscapes such as parks, gardens and street greenery as well as blue spaces such as lakes, ponds, and the ocean are especially therapeutic. We often know it is great to get outdoors but thinking up n

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