55-plus communities? Try 55-plus everything — The 55-plus revolution

55-plus communities? Try 55-plus everything — The 55-plus revolution

It’s been 58 years since Sun City opened as the first 55-plus retirement community. A lot has changed since then. Life expectancy has gone up, the number of seniors has ballooned and the income levels of retirees has risen. These effects, among others, have driven the demand for more senior-focused products.

Now is the “golden age” of being a senior. Senior-focused goods and services are on the rise, providing those in the 55-plus market a whole new level of comfort and control. Sure, you may be familiar with 55-plus communities. But have you seen some of the latest trends?


For a number of years, the travel and tourism industry has focused on the spending power of baby boomers. Today, you will find plenty of age-qualified vacations that span many of the most popular travel options. Whether it’s a Caribbean getaway at a 55-plus all-inclusive resort, an age-restricted sunset cruise in Alaska, or the wide variety of 55-plus RV-friendly campgrounds scattered across the U.S., the choices are more numerous than ever before. With better deals, accessibility and age-focused activities, these options can present the perfect opportunity to explore someplace new.


One of the most popular perks for the 55-plus community lies in the discounts available at restaurants. Special deals, adjusted portions and more are being made available as the restaurant industry continues to try and sway the senior dollar their way. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on the most popular senior discounts at some of your favorite locations.

Consumer Goods

The senior-focused trend is starting to make its way into everyday consumer products. Earlier this year, Sprint offered a new unlimited 55-plus plan. Creating a whole new bracket for age-qualified consumers is becoming regular practice among companies looking to attract an older demographic.

With a growing senior population, these are sure to become regular trends. We look forward to seeing how the senior market evolves. If you’re looking for more information on 55-plus communities, we encourage you to reach out to your nearest Oasis Senior Advisor and read our blog on the changes in senior living communities.