Top Five Senior Housing Myths

Top Five Senior Housing Myths

Myth 1 – Senior housing isn’t affordable

Fact – While not all facilities are affordable for everyone, senior housing is not as costly as you may think. Making the transition to a senior care facility often allows you to do away with several monthly expenses, freeing up room in your budget. You may no longer need to worry about your mortgage, homeowner’s insurance or even groceries. Financial assistance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid also help to put senior housing within reach for many.

Myth 2 – All senior facilities are the same

Fact- There is no such thing as a standard senior facility. Facilities vary in size and support level, giving seniors a range of care options from fully independent communities to specialized memory care units. To discover the different senior care facilities near you, speak with your local senior transition advisor.

Myth 3 – Senior housing facilities are plain and boring

Fact – Today’s senior housing is dynamic and vibrant. Inviting architecture and interior design, engaging activities and busy social calendars allow seniors to live the life they’ve imagined. Inspired by high-end condos and hotels, modern senior living communities emphasize recreation, entertainment and fun.

Myth 4 – Food at senior facilities is subpar

Fact – Facilities throughout the country are delivering five-star quality meals worthy of any fine-dining restaurant. Many of them have trained chefs who deftly combine nutrition and taste to please any palate. Menus are diverse and exciting, and the food is fresh and artfully prepared.

Myth 5 – Senior care facilities are only for the very old

Fact – Senior communities have made great strides in recent years to cater to seniors of all ages. No longer are the services geared just for the oldest seniors. Focusing on an “age in place” mentality, communities are designed for seniors of all ages and needs. With planned activities and outings, seniors are often more active and have higher levels of energy than those who remain in their own home. And with more people in every age group, they often have more friends, too.

Oasis Senior Advisors use proprietary matching software to match your lifestyle, wants, needs and budget with the senior living communities that are right for you. Give your senior transition advisor a call today to take advantage of their free services that take the guesswork out of finding the right place.