The Importance of Play for Seniors

The Importance of Play for Seniors

The importance of play is particularly important for seniors. In later years, People become more prone to issues that can affect health and happiness. So any activities that can help restore or prolong vitality are essential. Having fun is a lot more powerful in that regard than most people realize.

In fact, scientific studies continue to show that fun activities for older adults can have several major benefits:

  • Improve how your brain works

Regularly having fun can help you maintain your memory and enhance your creativity and mental sharpness.

  • Heal, establish, or maintain relationships

Fun and play can enable seniors to make new friends or improve existing relationships and avoid loneliness. Things like laughter and friendly competition are known to increase harmony, trust, empathy, and intimacy among people who experience them together.

  • Improve your mental and emotional well being

Engaging in and playful activities can expand your optimism, multiply your moments of joy, and reduce your stress. It can even help you prevent depression.

  • Extend your life and improve your physical vitality

Creating plenty of fun moments in your life can be a good way to boost your immune system, reduce your risk of illness, and minimize your perception of any existing pain.

Choosing the right activity

When choosing an activity, think about your unique personal interests and capabilities. Focus on voluntary activities that don’t come with any kind of obligation or that offer some flexibility in how you can enjoy them.

You get to decide what’s fun for you. Even if you can’t be as active as you want because of a disability or advancing age, you can still find plenty of opportunities for playing and having fun. Many activities can be adapted to accommodate your particular capabilities. So pay attention to your heart. Keep doing anything that makes it feel lighter and causes you to smile.

Helping you through the process

Oasis Senior Advisors can provide you with support and guidance when you feel it’s time for your loved one to move to assisted living. We offer resources for seniors and their families, so you can feel confident in your senior housing selection.