Perfect gift ideas for seniors of all ages

Perfect gift ideas for seniors of all ages

‘Tis the season to go shopping! While the holidays are about much more than material gifts, the joy of giving is undeniable. Now that Black Friday is behind us, it’s time to get serious about gift ideas. Sometimes the perfect gift is readily apparent, but more often than not, it takes time to reveal itself. This holiday season, we put together a simple guide to help you in your gift-giving quest. Here are some of our top gift ideas for seniors of all ages.


Sharing memories or creating new ones is a great place to start for gift ideas!

Photo Products –

In today’s digital age, companies like Shutterfly and MixBook make bringing memories to life even easier than before. They can create a hardcover photo album or make creative family photo printings on items like blankets and mugs. These are easy sentimental gifts any senior would enjoy.

Shadow boxes –

Similar to hardcover photo albums, shadowboxed photos are showpiece keepsakes. These simple-to-assemble boxes can be filled with memories and easily displayed. Take a look at these great examples!

Experience –

Sometimes a material gift isn’t necessary. One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time. Whether you plan an extravagant getaway or just carve out an afternoon for an activity, time spent with a loved one is a gift you both can enjoy.


Gifts that make life better are easy to appreciate. These gifts will help your loved ones improve their quality of life.

Blanket –

It’s no secret that many people tend be more sensitive to the cold as they get older. Warm your loved one’s heart with a luxurious fleece blanket such as this. Or, for those enduring the bitter winter cold of the northern and Midwestern states, electric blankets like this one could be the perfect gift this year.

Automated control-

Automated systems still have a long way to go, but giving an automation device as a gift can make a senior’s day-to-day life easier. Consider products like an Amazon Alexa, robot vacuum, Phillips Hue lights or Nest thermostat. Each one of these still requires some human oversight, but they are just a few of the products that can help take care of basic tasks.

Gadgets and Gismos –

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best gifts. Consider some handy small gadgets like this jar opener, toilet night light or reach tool. Think about your loved one’s daily life and what you’d wish for if you were them.


Sometimes the latest tech makes the perfect gift.

Tablets –

Tablets have quickly become a fan favorite. Their large display opens to a world of entertainment, education and more. A wide variety of options are available, from the ever-popular iPad to the simplified Kindle, so you’re sure to find a tablet that fits your gift-giving needs.

Wearables –

Products like the new iWatch, Fitbit and Garmin wristwatches provide a multitude of benefits. They can keep track of your health, help improve your fitness and provide invaluable alerts when something isn’t right. Some of these devices include social engagement options, access to the internet, phone functions and more, making wearable tech an attractive gift option.

Thoughtful gift-giving is a way to express warmth and gratitude to your loved ones this holiday season. The challenge of navigating the maze of senior housing makes it easy to lose sight of the importance of nurturing and maintaining family bonds, but the compassionate, personalized no-cost service that Oasis Senior Advisors provide makes senior housing simple.

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