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  • Understanding our aging society

    Understanding our aging society

    The demographic landscape of America is changing. With baby boomers on the precipice of retirement, dynamics are shifting in industries far and wide. While 2020 census data is still a year away, a recent Profile of Older Americans produced by the federal Administration for Community Living revealed staggering numbers. In 2016, one of every seven Americans was age 65 or older, an increase of 33 percent over the previo

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  • Aging in Diverse Communities

    Aging in Diverse Communities

    The Baby Boomers are becoming the retirement boomers

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  • Caregivers Require Well-managed Support

    Caregivers Require Well-managed Support

    Our aging society presents an often overlooked challenge to the health of caregivers, particularly those who work in an informal or unpaid capacity. This subset of caregivers are often family members treating a loved one, and they have been known to suffer from elevated levels of depression and anxiety, higher use of psychoactive medications, worse self-reported physical health, compromised immune function and increa

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