Becoming An Oasis Senior Advisor Franchisee

Becoming An Oasis Senior Advisor Franchisee

When you’ve reached a point in your life where you decide you want to be your own boss, one of the routes you may take to achieve that goal is opening a franchise. After doing your research and figuring out what industry and brand you would like to be a part of, you may find that Oasis Senior Advisors is the brand for you. If you’re looking to own an Oasis franchise, here’s what you need to know.

It Takes the Right Person

At Oasis Senior Advisors, our entire mission is to provide knowledgeable and caring service to seniors and their family members who are looking for the right housing situation. It can be difficult to navigate the numerous options for alternative housing once it’s no longer safe or possible for a senior to live on their own, so your role is to make finding the right housing situation a bit easier.

As an Oasis Franchisee, you must, at your core, want to make a positive, genuine difference in the lives of the seniors we help as well as their family members. You’ll build strong relationships with your clients and help an underserved market with an in-demand service. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then you’ll want to take our steps towards ownership.

Fill Out Our Online Form

The very first step towards owning an Oasis Senior Advisor franchise is heading to our website and filling out our form. Once we have your information and interest, we’ll work to get to know you better and see if you’re a great fit.

Get Acquainted with Us & Our Technology

After filling out our contact form, you’ll have an initial introduction with a member of our team to discuss the inner workings of being an Oasis franchisee. From there, you’ll get acquainted with our training guides and technology.

Our proprietary software, OasisIQ™, is designed to help you provide a personalized service to your clients and produce the best results for them. It also allows you to offer free referral services to your clients in order to make this time in their lives a bit easier and less worrisome.

Learn About Our Marketing and Financial Support

Of course, if you want to be successful in your business, you need to know how to market yourself. We provide you with the support needed to market your business and get clients. You’ll also go through the financial obligations and ongoing costs of owning a franchise. We offer financial support so you can pay for your franchise the best and easiest way possible.

Meet Our CEO

As an Oasis franchisee, you join a family of professionals who wants to make a difference in the lives of others as well as help you succeed. That’s why we schedule a meet and greet with our CEO in order for you to get better acquainted with the people you may be working with.

Review Your Paperwork and Attend a Discovery Day

Next, we’ll send you all the paperwork needed to begin finalizing your ownership of an Oasis franchise. While you’re reviewing the documents, you’ll attend a Discovery Day to get better acquainted with each area of support you’ll get. From there, you’ll sign our franchise agreement and be on your way.

Training and Beginning Your Journey

We do everything possible in order to ensure our franchisees are successful in their own businesses, so we provide hands-on corporate support and training for everything you’ll need to succeed. This involves:

  • Spending a week at an immersive training program at our corporate headquarters.

  • Receiving the resources needed to apply for a national certificate as a Senior Advisor.

  • Training on our software and referral system.

  • Receiving ongoing feedback and advice from corporate.

Become Your Own Boss with Oasis

Does Oasis Senior Advisors sound like the perfect franchise opportunity for your professional skills and career goals? Reach out to us today at (855) 466-4081 to start the process.