5 Senior Blogs You Should Be Reading

5 Senior Blogs You Should Be Reading

Good information is the root of good decisions. That’s why our advisors spend so much time guiding each client through their housing options and answering their questions. It’s also why we dedicated time to sharing our knowledge through the blog you’re reading right now. As leaders in the senior housing field, we make it our business to learn as much as we can about senior living and senior lives in general. So, this week we thought we would share a few other great resources on a variety of topics, from leisure and travel to health tips and fashion. Without further ado, here are five websites all seniors should check out!


Chances are you’ve heard of AARP. You may even be a member. Either way, you may not know they have one of the largest libraries of blog posts on topics ranging from finance to entertainment. With a variety of writers posting on such a wide range of topics, the AARP blog is filled with enough information to keep you reading for quite some time. We especially enjoy the healthy living and money talk sections.

Grey Fox

You’ve heard of a silver fox, but have you heard of the Grey Fox? This fashion and lifestyle blog is mainly written for a male audience but includes plenty of informative nuggets for all seniors. If you thought getting older meant an endless sea of sweaters and bad fashion decisions, think again. The Grey Fox will have you looking great in no time, and with blog topics ranging from art to events, you’re sure to find something new and exciting.

Elder Chicks

A mixture of storytelling, information and anecdotes makes Elder Chicks an entertaining read. It was founded by Dr. Barbara Fleisher and Dr. Thelma Reese as a way to help seniors of all ages learn about senior life. This blog features a variety of guest authors and taps its readers for their thoughts and opinions.

Senior Planet

The Senior Planet tagline is “Aging with Attitude,” a quick signal to readers about what they’re in for. With regular posts on healthy living, senior dating, tech tips and even travel, this information-packed blog can be quite the resource. Senior Planet positions itself as an way for people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active.

The Senior Nomads

Have you ever dreamed of selling your belongings and traveling the world? The vibrant couple behind this senior travel blog did just that, selling their home in Seattle and traveling to more than 250 cities in 80 countries. Their adventure-filled blog features stories of travels gone right, travel tips and destination must-do’s. If you’re a wanderer at heart, we couldn’t recommend this blog more strongly!

These five blogs are just the beginning when it comes to senior-focused information. Don’t forget to reach out to one of our Senior Advisors should you have a question about housing and stay tuned to this blog each week as we continue to share what we learn with you.