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  • Maintaining a Social Connection During the Pandemic

    Maintaining a Social Connection During the Pandemic

    The fact is that many seniors are waiting this pandemic out from home. Nervous about making a move to a senior living community, they are sheltering in place until the virus subsides. Yet, these “at home” seniors also need to ward off isolation and loneliness. The following are ways they can continue to stay connected, courtesy of Era Living.

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  • But Wait, There’s More!

    But Wait, There’s More!

    Not to be outdone, The Life Care Centers of America also surveyed their senior communities to find out what they are doing to keep residents active. They said that overall, residents are staying in their rooms a lot more, reading, doing word searches, coloring, and so on. Each community received two iPads to help residents take part in video calls to their loved ones.

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  • Activities in the Time of Pandemic

    Activities in the Time of Pandemic

    Since mid-March, when the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the United States, assisted living and other senior communities have limited or entirely stopped, allowing visitors in their facilities. And with good reason, as COVID-19 can run rampant in congregate care settings.

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