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  • Caregiver Burnout During the Holidays

    Caregiver Burnout During the Holidays

    By Brandy Clayton, RN, BSN, OSA Southwest Dallas The holidays are just around the corner, and for many people that means chilly days filled with checking items off of shopping lists, gathering with family and friends for dinner, spending time off of work and participating in lifelong traditions with loved ones. However, for caregivers, the […]

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  • Music to their Years!

    Music to their Years!

    By Brian Hauenstein, OSA Greater Grand Rapids For someone living with dementia, the distant memories are often the most familiar, rather than events that happened earlier that week, or even that day. This reality can make it difficult for friends and family members to connect with their loved ones. However, there is a universal language […]

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  • Benefits of Working with a CSA

    Benefits of Working with a CSA

    By Connie Pizarro, CSA®, OSA Central Jersey You’ve probably noticed the CSA initials behind the names of some professionals who work in the senior space.  However, if you’re not familiar with senior care or senior living, these initials may be a mystery.  A CSA is a certified Senior Advisor.  This is an earned certification that […]

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  • Advocating for Our Clients During a Difficult Time

    Advocating for Our Clients During a Difficult Time

    By Lynn Paxson, CSA®, OSA Delaware An Oasis Senior Advisor’s goal is to ensure that their clients and families find a comfortable place for their older loved one to live. Sometimes clients fit a standard form, and it is easy to find a place that fits their needs and lifestyle. However, many times, despite extensive […]

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