Benefits of Working with a CSA

Benefits of Working with a CSA

By Connie Pizarro, CSA®, OSA Central Jersey

You’ve probably noticed the CSA initials behind the names of some professionals who work in the senior space.  However, if you’re not familiar with senior care or senior living, these initials may be a mystery.  A CSA is a certified Senior Advisor.  This is an earned certification that validates a broad understanding of all of the issues important to older adults and that this individual is serious about their career in the aging industry. Professionals with the CSA certification are required to study, pass a rigorous exam and attest to maintain high ethical standards.  Once this certification is earned, the professional must commit to continuous learning in order to maintain their certification.

When you work with a professional with the CSA certification, you are assured they are educated, ethical, connected, and confident. Let’s break down each of these attributes:

  • Educated – CSAs are educated in “all things senior”.  This relates to the emotional, financial, health, social, legal and the challenges of just being a senior.  We know enough to help and we know when to refer you to another professional for more in-depth information that is outside our field of expertise. In order to maintain our CSA certification, an advisor must regularly earn additional continuing education credits.
  • Ethical – CSAs must attest annually that they adhere to a high standard of ethics.  This means CSAs are trustworthy, honest, and work with the best interest of their clients in mind.  CSAs listen to our clients so that we can understand their needs and help solve their problems. 
  • Connected – CSAs work in a plethora of aging-related professions.  This allows them to refer their clients to professionals they know have the same high ethical standards and knowledge in matters relating to the older population.  CSAs are a vetted pool of resources that have credibility and ethics.
  • Confident – CSAs have taken the time to invest in themselves.  This results in an educated, ethical, connected professional that not only has knowledge, but is also confident in themselves to properly provide advice to their clients.  The confidence of being a CSA, coupled with the expertise of their chosen profession, make them an ideal advisor for the aging population.

Just like all seniors aren’t the same, all advisors aren’t the same.  So, the next time a senior professional offers to help you solve a life situation or problem, check their credentials.  If they are a CSA, then you know you are starting off on the right foot. More than 90 Oasis Senior Advisors hold the CSA certification, and this number is growing every month.  This lets our clients and colleagues know that they are working with the best placement specialist available. 

So, when the need arises, remember to call Oasis Senior Advisors your trusted partner for senior living and resources. One call to Oasis Senior Advisors can offer you many solutions for your senior-related needs. To learn more about how your local Oasis advisor can work with you, contact us at (888) 455-5838.

To learn more about becoming a Certified Senior Advisor, visit the Society of Certified Senior Advisors.