How to Celebrate the Holidays with Seniors in Assisted Living

How to Celebrate the Holidays with Seniors in Assisted Living

As the holidays rapidly approach us, you may be wondering how you’re going to include your loved one in the festivities if they live in an assisted living community. Assisted living grants seniors the freedom to spend the holidays as they wish, and even offer them help in doing so. 

Can Seniors Leave their Community for the Holidays?

Yes! If you have a loved one in assisted living, you can absolutely take them home for the holidays and bring them back when they’re over. If the community offers transportation services, they may even be able to drop off and pick up your loved one at your home to make the move easier. 

Keep in mind that some facilities, particularly Medicaid-based ones, may have some restrictions regarding residents leaving—some require residents to be back by a certain time, or there might be a certain procedure you have to follow. Check with your loved one’s community if you are unsure about these regulations.

Can We Visit Assisted Living Communities During the Holidays?

Yes again! Some communities offer private dining rooms that families can take advantage of if they want to celebrate with their loved one “on campus.” Many places even offer in-house religious and spiritual services, taking the burden out of celebrating those special holidays with a resident. 

The holidays can be a stressful time as is. Thanks to the freedom and flexibility of assisted living communities, however, spending meaningful time with your loved ones is one less thing to worry about.