Top 5 Things that Make NYC Assisted Living Special

Top 5 Things that Make NYC Assisted Living Special

What makes New York City special? The diversity, the skyscrapers, the pizza, and so much more. As New Yorkers, we have a lot to be grateful for. What many New Yorkers don’t know, however, is that NYC has an assisted living market like no other: with so many options, there is a perfect fit for everyone, regardless of your needs or your budget.

With so much choice, it can be difficult to start the search for your perfect community. Let’s think about why assisted living in NYC is so attractive to aging adults and some things to keep in mind when making a decision:

Caregiver supporting senior woman as they walk around an assisted living facility
  1. Preference for Metropolitan Living

One of the best things about NYC is that it has everything you need within reach. New York is popular because of its accessibility: not only is it easy to access cultural, entertainment, and healthcare amenities, but it is walkable and easier for seniors to get around compared to other areas. NYC is unique in that many facilities encourage seniors to take advantage of the community outside of their assisted living program. City life empowers seniors to maintain their independence, which is why it attracts aging New York natives and outsiders alike.

2. Diverse Options: From Affordable to Affluent

Not only is NYC a big city, but it’s a diverse one, even when it comes to its senior living options. There is no one-size-fits-all assisted living community, and New York gets this. It offers a wide range of options, from affordable, Medicaid-based communities to ultra-luxury ones with an abundance of amenities. The diverse range of price points the five boroughs offer means that you can find a community that suits both your needs and your budget.

3. Maintaining Independence

NYC assisted living communities provide seniors easy access to support that they do not have at home. They offer help with activities of daily living, medical assistance, accommodations for people with disabilities, and social and recreational opportunities—all under one roof. Whatever you need, you can find a community that has it.

That said, these communities are not nursing homes—you do not have to be bed-bound or require around-the-clock care to join. Assisted living is designed to provide seniors help with things they struggle to do on their own, while allowing them to continue doing things that they can do on their own. Thanks to the diversity of communities that NYC offers, you can find a program that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

4. Aging in Place

Maybe you’re wondering if you really need the assistance of others right now. Or maybe you’re worried that if you move to a community now, you’ll have to transfer to another one in a few years when you start to need more support. 

What makes NYC assisted living communities special, however, is that they allow residents to “age in place.” Aging in place means that you can stay in the same building even as your needs change over time. Many assisted living communities offer different levels of care: you can start out with a low-level care plan and, if need be, increase your level of care as you age. The flexibility of these communities means you can make yourself at home as soon as you move in, without having to worry about moving again in the future.

5. Tech for Seniors

New York City’s assisted living communities are constantly implementing new technology to enhance its residents’ lives and safety. From Alexa-enabled homes to fall prevention technologies, you can trust you will be in good hands in a community in New York.